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Explore The Power of Your Mind

PEACE with Anxiety Podcast Episode 20
Ep 20: Explore The Power of your Mind

Join me this week as we explore a simple, playful mindfulness practice designed to help you recognize and harness your mind's potential. Through guided visualization and auditory exercise, you'll learn how to intentionally direct your thoughts, creating a sense of calm and control amidst the pressures of high achievement. Tune in to discover how a small shift in your mental focus can lead to profound changes in your experience of anxiety.

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Explore Your Mind's Potential

As high achievers, we often find ourselves overwhelmed by the constant drive for perfection and success, leading to heightened anxiety and stress. But what if I told you that your mind, the very source of your stress, can also be your greatest tool in reducing and overcoming anxiety?

Because our minds are immensely powerful. They can conjure up vivid images, recall detailed memories, and even alter our perception of reality. So by understanding this power through mindfulness, we can learn to intentionally direct our thoughts and create a sense of calm and control, even in the midst of chaos. So, today, we’re going to engage in a simple mindfulness practice that will help you recognize and play with the power of your mind, and ultimately show you how to gently guide it in ways that can alleviate anxiety.

Consistency is key

Now as with any tool that we have discussed here the key is consistency. So here’s a little challenge for you. I want you to try and listen to this mindful practice every day for the next 30 days, so just press play every single day for the next 30 days, and try this exercise.

A simple mindfulness exercise to harness the power of your mind

So like we mentioned before, the mind is a powerful tool. And in mindfulness practice, we learn to train and work with this tool in an intentional, focused way. This practice lets you play with the power of your mind, showing you how to gently alter its attention. So you’ll also witness the mind’s auditory and visual thinking patterns. We will also bring some playfulness and curiosity to this practice, and try not to take yourselves too seriously.

So for this practice, you will need to gently close your eyes. Take a moment to notice how the body is resting. Keep the spine as straight as possible and allow the muscles to relax. With your eyes closed, try to bring to mind the room or space in which you are sitting. Can you picture where in the room your body is resting? Try to visualize the room in your mind. Picture the floor, the walls, the windows and any doors. See what else you can bring up to piece together the space in your mind.

And now letting go of the room, picture yourself somewhere peaceful. It may be a beach, a forest, or wherever your “happy place” is. In the same way, picture the space around you. And try to bring up as many details as possible.

And now letting go of the visualization, bring to mind a song or tune you know well. Try to hear the words or melody in your head. Now use the mind to change the experience of hearing the song. Try to turn the volume down, making the song quiet in your head. And then turn the volume up a bit. Investigate what it is like to slow the song down or speed it up.

Pause for a moment at the end of this practice to recognize the power of your own mind. With a very small amount of effort, you can make up visualizations, play music, and alter the experience in any way you choose!

So whenever you feel overwhelmed or anxious, remember that you have this incredible tool at your disposal. By practising mindfulness, you can learn to intentionally direct your thoughts and create a sense of calm and control in your life.

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