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Anxiety Counselling

Photo of Irene Evangelou - Anxiety Counsellor and Clinical RTT Hypnotherapist

I am a huge supporter of the whole concept of counselling, as someone who has also sought out therapy for anxiety, stress, and grief. During that time I had some of my biggest breakthroughs and ‘aha’ moments that helped me navigate the most challenging times of my life.

This is why I do what I do. 

I am so passionate about helping other women have those ‘aha’ moments and break free from limiting beliefs and overwhelming challenges.

I provide a safe, non-judgmental space for you to talk about your struggles, explore your thoughts, understand your feelings, and support and guide you to navigate life’s challenges so that you can live your most fulfilling life with peace and confidence.

I can help you too, navigate a number of issues. Every challenge you face is important and worth talking about in my opinion.


However, I am particularly passionate about:

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Perfectionism

  • People-pleasing

  • Self-esteem

  • Self-image 

Online Counselling for Anxiety

Let me ask a few questions...

  • Have you been feeling more anxious lately and feel like your thoughts and feelings are getting out of control at times?

  • Do you find yourself constantly worrying or overanalyzing over many different situations?

  • Is your anxiety impacting your work life, family life, and/or relationships?

  • Do you wish you would feel more calm and have more control over your mind?

  • Do you need support with a major life change or unexpected transition?

If you’ve answered yes to one or more of these questions or you’re feeling like you need more support and guidance in your life, you’re in the right place!​

Why Try Counselling for Anxiety?

I know how anxious you may feel about reaching out for online anxiety counselling. At Irene Evangelou Therapy, we’re committed to making online counselling for anxiety as easy and comforting as possible.

So, here's what to expect:

  • Understanding Your Anxiety: In our sessions, we will work together to uncover the origins of your anxiety, identify your primary triggers and understand how your thoughts, feelings and behaviours contribute to your anxiety. The reason why this is the first step is because I believe that discovering the roots of your anxiety, stress, fears and worries is a key step in effective online anxiety therapy.

  • Personalised Strategies: Everyone’s experience with anxiety is different and unique. We will explore your main goals in therapy and start shifting the way you think and act when feeling anxious and introduce healthier ways of coping that will help you achieve more confidence, calmness, and control in your life. So, we will focus on giving you personalised tools and techniques, ensuring the counselling for anxiety you receive is tailored just for your needs.

  • Safe and Supportive: Our online anxiety counselling is a judgement-free zone. It’s a place where you can openly express and explore your feelings, knowing you’re in a supportive and understanding environment.

Online Anxiety Counselling At Irene Evangelou Therapy

Online counselling for anxiety has never been more accessible.

  • Convenience and Comfort: Embrace the relief of accessing online anxiety therapy from your own home, with no need to travel.

  • Flexibility: We get that life can get hectic, which is why scheduling sessions for your online counselling for anxiety is all about what works for you. Plan your therapy sessions around your daily routine and commitments.

  • Privacy Matters: With online counselling for anxiety, your privacy is our priority. Rest assured, every session is confidential, so you can speak your mind without any worries.

Important Information for New Clients

If this is your first time visiting, please book an appointment below & then fill out a new client registration form at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.  


PLEASE NOTE ALL APPOINTMENT TIMES ARE IN AUSTRALIAN EASTERN DAYLIGHT TIME (AEDT). Please take this into consideration if you live in a different time zone.



50-minute session


(This fee only applies to pension cardholders, health care cardholders, and university student cardholders. 

Rebates from some private health insurers may be applicable. Please check your eligibility with your insurer)

Please note that at Irene Evangelou Therapy, I exclusively provide counselling services to individuals who attend of their own accord and without pressure. I do not engage in report writing or work with clients under court orders.

Advantages of working with me:


  1. I will draw on all of my experience and knowledge across the fields of counselling (incorporating an understanding of a vast amount of therapy modalities), Clinical Hypnotherapy, EFIT and DBT in order to ensure that you are getting the most thorough, uniquely tailored approach to your personal situation, for the best possible outcome.

  2. I work online via Zoom, so there are no clinic visits, no parking or travel and my clients can experience the help that they need from the comfort of their own home.

  3. I work within the counselling framework of a client-centred, strengths-based approach, and I always provide follow-up and continued after-session support to all of my clients, and these phone and email points of contact provide great moments of clarity and progression in the change process.

  4. I can offer appointment times on weekends and outside of office hours to accommodate all client's schedules due to the delivery of my sessions online via Zoom

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