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5 Mindset Blocks That Hold You Back from Mastering Anxiety

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5 Mindset Blocks That Hold You Back from Mastering Anxiety

Today, we're diving deep into the world of mindset blocks—the invisible barriers that often stand between us and mastering anxiety. Anxiety isn't just about feeling a bit stressed out from time to time. It's a complex mix of thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that can seem impossible to unravel. And what's a big part of that complexity? Mindset blocks. These sneaky thought patterns or beliefs influence how we see ourselves and the world, acting as barriers on our path to feeling calm and in control. But fear not! In this post, we'll identify five common mindset blocks that may be holding you back and provide practical strategies for overcoming them. So let's dive in!

Mindset Block #1 - Perfectionism

Perfectionism, that relentless drive for flawlessness in everything we do, is our first block. It's the voice in our heads that says everything must be excellent or it's not worth doing at all. But here's the truth: perfectionism isn't just about striving for excellence; it's about fearing anything less than perfect. And that fear fuels our anxiety. But fear not! We can overcome perfectionism by setting smaller, achievable goals, practising self-compassion, embracing imperfection, challenging all-or-nothing thinking, and seeking support when needed.

Mindset Block #2 - Catastrophizing

Catastrophizing is when our minds go into overdrive, making up worst-case scenarios left and right. It turns even the smallest hiccup into a full-blown disaster, leaving us feeling overwhelmed and anxious. But there's hope! We can combat catastrophizing by doing reality checks, paying attention to triggers, practising mindfulness, reframing catastrophic thoughts, and building resilience through exposure therapy.

Mindset Block #3 - All-or-Nothing Thinking

All-or-nothing thinking is viewing situations in extreme, polarized terms—everything has to be perfect or a total disaster. But life isn't black and white; it's full of shades of grey. To overcome all-or-nothing thinking, we must notice when we're using extreme language, strive to find the middle ground, celebrate progress over perfection, practice self-kindness, and seek objective feedback from others.

Mindset Block #4 - Self-Doubt

Self-doubt, that persistent feeling of uncertainty or lack of confidence in ourselves, holds us back from reaching our full potential. It's the inner critic constantly questioning our worth and competence, fueling our anxiety. But self-doubt is just a story we tell ourselves, and it can be rewritten. We can challenge self-doubt by addressing triggers proactively, replacing negative self-talk with empowering affirmations, celebrating accomplishments, practising self-compassion, and surrounding ourselves with supportive people.

Mindset Block #5 - Avoidance

Avoidance, while sometimes a healthy, appropriate and helpful mechanism in the short term, can become a barrier to growth and peace when it becomes our default coping mechanism. It keeps us stuck in a cycle of fear and avoidance, preventing us from facing our fears head-on. But here's the thing: avoidance isn't all bad. In some situations, it can be a helpful coping mechanism. We can overcome avoidance by identifying triggers, breaking feared activities into manageable steps, gradually exposing ourselves to feared situations, incorporating relaxation techniques, and rewarding ourselves for successes along the way.

Bonus exercise

  1. Choose one mindset block that resonated with you the most from today's post—perfectionism, catastrophizing, all-or-nothing thinking, self-doubt, or avoidance.

  2. Keep a journal for the next week and jot down whenever you notice that mindset block showing up in your thoughts or behaviours.

  3. Then, pick one practical strategy from today's episode for overcoming that mindset block and give it a try each day.

  4. At the end of the week, reflect on your experiences and identify which strategies were most helpful for you.

Change won't happen overnight, so be patient with yourself. Remember, you have the power to overcome these mindset blocks and cultivate a mindset of peace and empowerment.


If you found today's discussion on mindset blocks insightful and empowering, you won't want to miss out on the full exploration in our recent podcast episode.

Dive deeper into the complexities of mastering anxiety as we examine the above five common mindset blocks that might be holding you back, and listen to the practical strategies for overcoming these barriers. So, if you're ready to reclaim control over your anxiety and get started on your journey towards peace and fulfilment, be sure to check out the latest episode of the PEACE with Anxiety Podcast.

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