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Break free from limiting beliefs about your anxiety and allow your mind to redefine your relationship with anxiety with this guided meditation.


If you find yourself constantly fighting your anxiety or engaging in unhelpful coping strategies to avoid feeling anxious, it can feel as though your daily life is a constant struggle to break the chains of anxiety. The reality is that avoiding or fighting anxiety, only keeps you stuck in that constant cycle of trying to break free and that the best way to overcome anxiety is to actually understand what's trying to tell you.


If you have a tendency to suppress your anxiety, avoid it or fight it head-on, this meditation will help you understand these behaviours. It will offer you an incredible shift in your perspective and it will help you relax, calm your feelings and just let go of any expectations around your anxiety in less than 10 minutes. 


This free guided meditation will help you to recognise that you have a choice and control of your thoughts and that everything can change once you understand why you think, feel or act the way you do.


To get the most out of this meditation, try and listen to it every day for the next 30 days. Most people enjoy listening to their meditation as they lie down in bed to sleep each night, but you can listen at any time of day that is convenient for you. Listen for 30 days and experience an incredible transformation in your thoughts and feelings around anxiety. 


This mediation will be part of the High-functioning Anxiety Series which is a collection of 10 guided mindfulness meditations specifically tailored to support women who experience high-functioning anxiety.

Understanding your relationship with Anxiety Meditation

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