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What is the

Welcome to a dedicated space of peace, tailored for those seeking to embrace anxiety mindfully. A library full of mindfulness meditations, ranging from compassion and love to sleep, stress, anxiety, and more. The Science of Mindfulness: Mindfulness is more than a practice; it's a scientifically proven approach to alleviating anxiety. Rooted in the simplicity of your breath and the power of the present moment, these guided meditations serve as a cornerstone for cultivating resilience and calm.


What's Inside:

✅ Limitless Access: Immerse yourself in a diverse array of mindfulness meditations whenever you need a moment of calm.

✅ Life-Ready Categories: Navigate the complexities of life with ease, whether it's finding peace in sleep, managing stress, or fostering relationships.

✅ Anxiety Alleviation: Utilize proven mindfulness techniques as tools to build resilience and find peace amidst life's challenges.

✅Affordable Wellness: For just $9, access a treasure trove of resources that seamlessly integrates into your daily routine.


Beyond Recordings: This isn't just a collection of recordings; it's an opportunity to infuse mindfulness into your daily life. Join now and let peace become a constant companion in your journey.

SUBSCRIBE to the whole library for only $9 a month! Subscription mean ongoing access to all the Meditations in this library as well as all the new additions.

* Access anytime

* In any order

* On every device you use

Unlock Inner Peace with Our $9 Peace Meditation Library Membership!

Make Peace with Anxiety through a library full of mindfulness meditations, ranging from compassion and love to sleep, stress, anxiety, and more.

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Unlock a World of Meditation Benefits with Our Membership

Experience Convenience and Accessibility
Gain access to a treasure trove of guided meditations right at your fingertips. Whether you're at home, on the go, or travelling our library membership ensures that you can easily incorporate meditation into your daily routine with ease and convenience.

Explore a Variety of Practices
Dive into a diverse selection of guided meditations covering a wide range of themes and techniques. From mindfulness and loving-kindness to body scan and visualization, our library offers something for everyone, allowing you to explore and discover the practices that resonate most with you.

Personalized Experience Tailored to Your Needs
Choose from meditations designed for every experience level, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned practitioner. With options to manage stress, improve sleep, enhance focus, or cultivate gratitude, our library provides a personalized experience that caters to your specific needs and goals.

Enjoy Cost-Effectiveness and Affordability
Experience the benefits of guided meditation without breaking the bank. Our membership offers a cost-effective solution for accessing a vast collection of meditation resources, making mindfulness and well-being more accessible to everyone.

Embrace Flexibility and Freedom in Your Practice
Tailor your meditation practice to fit your lifestyle and schedule. Whether you have a few minutes or an hour to spare, our library offers meditations of varying lengths and styles, giving you the flexibility and freedom to meditate on your own terms, whenever and wherever you choose.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to unlock a world of meditation benefits with our membership. Join today and start your journey towards greater peace, balance, and well-being!

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I'm Irene

I am a certified and licensed Counsellor and Rapid Transformational Therapist.​

I became a therapist to support women in overcoming their challenges relating to high-functioning anxiety.​

My goal is to help women understand the root cause of their anxiety, manage their symptoms, and break free from self-limiting beliefs, through mindfulness, self-compassion, EFIT, and CBT-based intervention, so that they can transform their relationship with themselves, feel more connected in their relationships, and move towards a more fulfilling life.​


I truly believe that every woman already has an innate strength and resilience - my purpose is to help them access it and show them everything that is possible when they embrace their anxiety instead of fighting it or avoiding it.


​Imagine what could change for you rather than pushing through the anxiety, you were in balance with yourself and felt more confident to take on everyday challenges with ease.​You have all the strength and courage that you need to move forward with your life, but there is no shame in asking for a helping hand to get you there.

In this membership you get access:

This library offers a number of transformative meditations around common issues like sleep, anxiety and self-esteem. With our Peace Meditation Library Membership, you'll gain access to a wealth of guided meditations spanning 12 empowering categories:


  1. Compassion, Love, and Forgiveness: Learn to cultivate compassion, foster love, and embrace forgiveness through guided meditations that nourish the heart and soul.

  2. Stress and AnxietyCombat stress and anxiety with powerful techniques that promote relaxation and mental clarity, helping you find calm amidst life's challenges.

  3. Relaxation, Presence, Happiness, and Acceptance: Discover the art of relaxation, presence, and acceptance as you embark on a journey towards inner peace and genuine happiness.

  4. Gratitude: Cultivate an attitude of gratitude with practices that inspire appreciation for the blessings in your life, fostering joy and contentment.

  5. Mindfulness of Emotions and Thoughts: Develop mindfulness skills to navigate your emotions and thoughts with clarity and equanimity, promoting emotional well-being.

  6. Pain Management: Find relief from physical discomfort and chronic pain through guided meditations that encourage relaxation and healing. 

  7. Sleep: Improve the quality of your sleep and experience deep restorative rest with meditations designed to induce relaxation and promote peaceful sleep.

  8. Confidence, Focus, Leadership, and Energy: Enhance your confidence, sharpen your focus, and tap into your inner leadership qualities to pursue your goals with vigor and determination.

  9. Sensory, Body Scan, and Movement: Explore the sensory experience of your body, engage in body scan practices, and embrace mindful movement for holistic well-being.

  10. Family, Relationships, and Kids: Nurture harmonious relationships, strengthen familial bonds, and introduce children to the benefits of mindfulness with guided meditations tailored for families.

  11. Trauma, Addiction, and Healing: Navigate the path of healing from trauma and addiction with compassion and resilience, fostering a sense of empowerment and renewal.

  12. Consciousness, Higher Self, and Wisdom: Embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth as you explore the realms of consciousness, connect with your higher self, and cultivate wisdom.

  • What makes your approach more effective than others?
    My unique approach addresses the real underlying causes of anxiety issues. In particular, my work with brainwaves is critical to restoring a person's ability to lead a life beyond anxiety. Other modalities typically overlook this. Or they just focus on managing the symptoms of the anxiety problem. Each of the 3 sessions is equally important to make a fundamental change in a person's thoughts and feelings and to reclaim their peace and confidence.
  • What is Rapid Transformational Therapy
    Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is an award-winning therapy that has proven to help people overcome the issues they have been struggling with for many years. ​RTT incorporates the most beneficial positive principles of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, Psychology, Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP) and cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) to create a uniquely powerful hybrid therapy to give you fast effective results. It is a groundbreaking and revolutionary method of therapy involving neuroplasticity to achieve rapid permanent results. ​RTT delivers phenomenal, extraordinary permanent change from physical, emotional, and psychological pain. This is achieved by reframing your core beliefs, values, habits, and emotions deep down in the subconscious.​ With RTT, the subconscious mind is accessed to allow the person to uncover, change and make upgrades on self-limiting beliefs. It also helps in identifying the root cause of any underlying physical or mental issues, pattern of thoughts or behaviour, and therefore provides complete healing and freedom. Most clients are time-starved and come to us in pain, both physical and emotional. They want rapid results. RTT aims to deliver permanent change in just 3 sessions (A few clients might need more sessions). RTT is a method that truly empowers clients. Using various RTT tools, honours and values the significance clients attach to their issues/problems and then offers a powerful emotional release for them. They can actually be free from pain. RTT uses Command Cell therapy as a modality for purposefully healing the body, as opposed to positive conditioning alone. RTT draws out ‘unfinished business’, meaning it is a technique for addressing the trauma that clients have been holding onto for many years. RTT is interactive, the client talks to the therapist, and the therapist actively listens to the client and asks specific questions to find out and understand the root cause of the issue. The client is involved with the therapist in uncovering the meaning and interpretation of events and then changing them. This leads to permanent powerful change. RTT looks at what lies beneath instead of what is on the surface. RTT is not an ongoing therapy. RTT uses hypnosis to access the subconscious mind. RTT always sets the client up for success. RTT does not assign any labels, it gets down to the root cause of the issue, and then the issue is eliminated, eradicated and erased along with the underlying emotions, feelings, and beliefs, creating a reframed positive mindset free of the issue. RTT is based on cutting-edge world contemporary science.
  • Can you help with all types of anxiety?
    I specialize in non-physically caused anxiety. In other words, if you have anxiety issues that are not related to a medical condition, then I will almost certainly be able to help you break free from anxiety.
  • How does RTT Work?
    RTT Works in any area of your life. ​ RTT works on your mental, and physical health, emotional health, personality, performance, addictions, compulsive disorders/conditions, and habits you want to change. ​ It does require you to be ready and committed to your freedom of the issue so that you can live a happier, healthier, and fulfilled life. ​ Your burning desire and drive for freedom, success and ultimate happiness is the key.
  • How Many Sessions Will I Need? How long will it take to see results?
    This will mostly be dependent on your reason for attending our hypnotherapy services as well as your goal however most clients may be attending a minimum of 3 sessions to see maximum benefits. The number of sessions can be more or less depending on each individual’s needs, the complexity of their goals, and the pace of progress throughout the hypnotherapy process. We will gain a better sense of how many sessions you may require following the initial appointment, but you will have the ability to decide on how many sessions as well as the frequency of your sessions. Typically my clients notice improvement after the first session. By the end of the 3-month program, a client will notice a significant improvement in their dealing with anxiety.
  • How Do I Attend My Appointments?
    Sessions are available online via Zoom. Once you have completed your booking, you will receive an email confirming your appointment as well as instructions and a link to join your online session.
  • What happens during the intake session?
    During the intake session, i will ask you questions to gain a comprehensive understanding of your background, challenges, and goals. During this call that is about 45 minutes, we'll explore various aspects of your life, including your childhood experiences, current stressors, and emotional wounds. With this in-depth discussion of your unique journey, I can tailor the program to address your specific needs effectively. The intake call also provides an opportunity for you to reflect on your experiences and gain a deeper understanding of the underlying factors contributing to your current presenting issues. Together, we'll identify patterns, beliefs, and behaviours that may be holding you back and explore strategies for overcoming them. We will also spend quite some time exploring your goals, the outcome you are looking for once you finish this program. I would want to hear from you in your own words how you want to think, feel, and behave once the anxiety is no longer stopping you. The reason why i need your words during this part is because at the end of the session, i will create for you a personalised powerful and transformative recording that will paint the picture of who you want to become.
  • How does the process work?
    The first step is to apply for the program. Then I will contact you to book a free complimentary anxiety relief call. Once your call is booked, you will be directed to complete a short questionnaire, that will allow us to make the most of the time we have together. During the call, I will help you get clear on the root causes of your struggles with anxiety, discover the foundations of making peace with anxiety, and take away resources/tools you can start implementing immediately to begin to transform your relationship with anxiety. We will also decide if working together would be the most effective way to achieve consistent long-lasting anxiety relief. After the call, if you decide to join the program, you will be directed to book your Intake Call.
  • What if I can’t afford It?
    I understand this concern too. Therapy benefits are priceless and I am fair in my pricing. I guess it comes down to how much you want to invest in yourself and your life. Life is too short to continue suffering from anxiety, lack of self-confidence and feeling overwhelmed. Freedom is priceless. When you stop and consider the consequences of living in frustration tied to the past, therapy becomes a necessity and not a luxury at all. How much is it worth to you? This is an interesting question to think about. The other thing to consider is that weeks or months in therapy are going to cost you thousands. In the long run, RTT is a less expensive approach with greater benefits.
  • What Is Your Cancellation Policy?
    If you need to change or cancel your appointment, please get in touch with us at or on 0434 641 232. The practice has a 24-hour cancellation policy detailed in the patient agreement and will charge a full-service fee for no-show appointments. A full refund will be provided for appointments cancelled with 24 hours or more notice. Repeated cancellations or failure to pay the cancellation fee will result in the service being discontinued. Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to embark on a transformative journey towards inner peace and well-being. Join the Peace Meditation Library Membership today!

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