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Free Anxiety Relief Call

A free, no-obligation 30-minute call to explore how therapy works and how I can support you

  • 30 min

Service Description

Experience relief from anxiety with a personalized anxiety relief call to start your transformative journey to a healthier, happier life. During our free consultation call, you'll receive: ✅ Personalised Guidance: We'll discuss your unique challenges and goals to create a tailored plan just for you. ✅ Insightful Conversation: Gain a deeper understanding of your anxiety, perfectionism, overworking, and self-sabotaging patterns. ✅ Actionable Strategies: Receive practical advice and strategies to start your journey towards a more balanced and anxiety-free life. ✅ Confidential Support: A safe and non-judgmental space to share your concerns and fears. ✅ Your Questions Answered: Ask any questions you have about my therapy approach and how I can help you. If you are looking for something I clearly cannot offer or a service that I do not provide, I will let you know there and then, and usually, I can make some alternative suggestions for you. Please book at your preferred time. If nothing is available quickly, please call me on 0434 641 232 or message me to discuss your needs. Please turn up on time - I value you my time and yours! Also, note that this is not a free therapy session - this is a conversation where we can co-create a personalised process for your needs.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance

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